Professional Tiling Contractor for 30 Years – Singapore’s Finest

HKFD has achieved success after success in our three decades at the top of the carpentry, tiles and kitchen renovations industry in Singapore. Starting out as a furniture firm which exclusively delivered carpentry to Singapore, we have never lost that craftsman’s touch. This is part of the reason why the services we currently offer benefit from such fine quality across the board. Now, as part of our broader renovation services, we have extended our work as a professional carpenter to cover alterations, demolitions, and painting as well as tiling overlays. We only use reputable brands in our tiling services, and are a proud leading supplier of White Horse floor tiles in Singapore.

Bringing Skilled Hands To All Of Our Work

Even if your planned renovations do not include furniture or carpentry work directly, there are many benefits to contracting a skilled firm such as HKFD over others in Singapore. Our founding owner’s skills as a draughtsman have given us an advantage, allowing us to produce detailed technical drawings to accompany each quote. See exactly where the costs lie, and work will be done before you’re committed to us. This powerful service would not be possible without our experience as craftsmen and carpenters.

There are also a surprising number of opportunities on a job site for a professional carpenter to provide an advantage, such as the construction of strong, stable temporary structures or scaffolding. We are highly experienced in these modes of work and always find ways to make our experience relevant and useful to the job.

Go nowhere else for carpentry in Singapore

With over 30 years of experience in carpentry and related industries, there can be few firms to match HKFD in knowledge and skill. Our service and incredible hand-finished quality are factors you can rely on when you bring us onto a project, and these strong traits are what have kept our clients coming back to us again and again across our long, proud history.

To get in touch with HKFD and talk about your next job, call 65 9834 5461 or email info.huakwang@gmail.com. You can also follow us on various social media services, or leave a message through our website. We hope to be in touch with you soon.


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