1981 to 2016

HKFD was established in 1980, as a carpentry works maker and progressed to a contractor till date. Owner has hand drawn drafting skills, produced on the spot within short period of time whereby quotation can be provided thereafter. Company is experienced in renovation and construction works including additional 8. alteration works, demolition works, permanent & temporary structure works, painting works, carpentry works and services as listed. Dealing projects or works for customers with various purposes such as businesses, designers, residential and investors.

With our own factory/warehouse space, we are able to cater to our customer needs with no compromise to ensuring the works completed in time with quality and at no additional costing as agreed. Appointment and consultation is managed directly by owner, he is therefore able to provide his professional suggestion and recommendation with quotation dealings services directly and make the whole process hassle free, timely and at reasonable affordable offer.

We thank and appreciate our customer for their continuous support and referring us to others. With 3 decades and on—going experience, we are constantly committed to provide best workmanship and quality materials with excellent services at reasonable price and assure satisfaction to our best as trusted always.
On the spot design. factory price quotation. selection of make materials. final finishing and decorative colors from established and reliable suppliers and us delivering and committed in ensuring good quality, durability and beautiful finishes guarantees upon installation.

  • Immediate Quotation
  • Design & Drafting Works
  • Additional & Alteration Works
  • Permanent & Temporary Structure Works
  • Exterior Painting Works
  • Exterior Feature Works
  • Carpentry & Furniture Works
  • Demolition & Masonry Works
  • Partition & Ceiling Works
  • Wall Paper Decoration & Painting Works
  • Plumbing, Electrician Works & Aircon Installation
  • Protection and Cleansing Works

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